"The Independent Brave Fish"

"The Independent Brave Fish" By Emily Hope

Once upon a fable, there was a purple fish and her name was Sparkle. That purple fish had a beautiful yellow stripe running down its back. All of the little fishes at school laughed at her because she looked different than them. Small Sparkle got sadder and more depressed. She began to wonder why and how she got and has that yellow stupid stripe in the first place. She kept thinking and wondering, but she just didn't know. She searched all over the ocean for something that she could see her true reflection in, but there was nothing she could find to see herself in. It got worse, she began to wonder if what people said was true, was she ugly? At the dinner table she just mushed her food around. Here parents didn't know what the cause of all of this sadness was coming from. Poor little Sparkle didn't want to ask anyone how she got her stripe. So, she took matters into her own hands and began to make up her own story of how the horrible stripe got on her back.

The next day at school when all of the mean fish at school began to laugh and gossip she got up, cleared her voice, and took a deep breath," I know that you are laughing and talking at me and my stripe. But don't laugh at me. Laugh at yourself, you can laugh at me but you have flaws too. You aren't perfect, I'm not perfect , nobody is 100 percent perfect. So don't laugh at my laugh at yourself." Everyone stopped in their tracks and started wildly clapping. Sh didn't want to lie, so she was honest. Ever sense that day nobody dared to bother her again.

Moral: Don't lie, be honest and goodness will come out of it. Be brave.