Multicultural Research Practice

Solutions Research Group (SRG)

We Launched Our Diversity Practice in 2006

SRG has long been at the forefront of understanding our changing population dynamics. In 2006, SRG launched a landmark first of its kind study of multicultural consumers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver called Diversity in Canada. A total of 3,000 respondents were interviewed in 9 languages: English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish an Italian.

Between 2006 and 2009, nearly 50 Canadian and multinational companies subscribed to our 3 waves of research. We have continued to work in this sector on both a syndicated and custom basis ever since. Our work has included study of new and second generation Canadians, as well as visible minorities.

Our Clients Range Across Industry Sectors

Clients for our custom and syndicated Diversity Practice in the 2006-2012 period included leaders from all important industry sectors.

  • Beverage Alcohol (Molson)
  • Grocery and Big Box Retail (Walmart, Loblaws)
  • CPG / Food & Beverage (Kraft, Unilever, Snapple)
  • Public Sector (Heritage Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
  • Sports (NBA Canada)
  • Media and Telecommunications (Rogers, Shaw, Bell, Toronto Star)
  • Financial Sector (CIBC, TD, Scotiabank, Western Union, HSBC)

We Use A Wide Range of Research Methodologies In Our Work

  • Quantitative: Our studies can be done by telephone or using online panels, in a wide variety of languages.
  • Qualitative: We have the ability to recruit consumers from all ethnic backgrounds for qualitative, and also have considerable expertise in conducting in-language focus groups with Mandarin and Cantonese consumers with English translation provided.

How We Source The Consumers For Our Studies

Typically our respondents are sourced via our field panel partner who manages one of Canada’s largest ethnic panels for online studies. Our telephone studies use last name recognition sampling, and we have also used advertising in ethnic media or lists as required. We work with several recruiters who have ethnic consumers in their databases for qualitative work.