Family & School Resource Connector

by: kayla fee


The purpose of this presentation is to help you better understand your child's IEP after meeting together as a team. You will find forms that explain to you your child's IEP goal areas and accommodations. Another purpose of this presentation is to connect you with people and resources that will benefit you, your family, and your child’s education. It will help you understand the special education process and your rights as a parent or family member when it comes to your child’s education. This presentation is designed to give you ideas on how to connect what is being done to support your child in the classroom, to at home after school hours. After going through the different parts, you will find several websites and organizations that are filled with great information and people who want to support you by being an advocate not only for your child, but for you and your family.

Long-range Plan

The long range plan for this presentation of information is to be a resource when you have questions about your child's IEP, questions about your rights as parents/guardians, and a resource to connect you with people that are able to help you in many areas when it comes to your child's educational needs. My goal is that you would utilize this on an as-needed basis and that you find it a useful tool in times of question.


A Guide to Special Education

Do you have questions about your student's IEP? What is the appropriate placement for your student to receive their specially designed instruction? Maybe you don't even know what the letters IEP mean. This is a great website for parents/guardians new to special education or those who would like to learn more about the process of special education.

The Parent Educator Connector

Heartland AEA provides positive partnerships between parents and educators to make sure each child with a disability is successful in all they do. A Parent Educator Connector, or PEC coordinator, is a a parent with a child who has a disability. This creates a unique relationship between the parents and PEC because the PEC is able to share unique perspectives with the parents of the child with special needs. PEC's provide support and information to families through support groups and workshops.
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FIND stands for Families of Iowa Network for Disabilities. It is a social media website that allows parents and guardians talk with other parents and guardians about specific aspects of their child with a disability. Questions may be asked and comments made just like some of the most popular social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter.
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ASK Resource Center

The ASK Resource Center provides many services to families of people with disabilities. Some of these services are training, advocacy, support, referrals, and resources related to the needs of people with all types of disabilities.
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Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa

The LDA IA website is a fantastic tool for parents and families to go to in order to find out strategies to use at home with their student who has a learning disability. Many times parents and families may struggle with knowing the right strategies to use after school hours or during the summer months with their student.