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Pyramids of Prosperity

The pyramids of Giza are still one of Egypt's greatest prides. They are the tomb's of the pharaohs Khafra, Khufu, and Menkura. They line up with three stars in the night sky and that are covered in a white limestone that smooth it out. There are many chambers inside the pyramid for them, also so they can take their prized belongings to afterlife with them. There are rumors that the mummies of the dead pharaohs were having parties inside the pyramids walls with the gods! Civilians near the pyramids said said they saw flashing light coming out of the air vents, and loud noises and music. We'll keep you posted on what's going on inside the pyramids.

Who doesn't want to control almost all of Mesopotamia

Thutmose III conquered all of Nubia and most of Mesopotamia in 20 years!!!! That's nuts! He lead 17 quests in those 20 years and he returned in perfect condition from all 17 quests. Egypt has never been so large! All of Egypt loved Thutmose until he claimed that he can fly like a bird and chomp like a hippo! Also, because he said he chomped like a hippo, his servants gave him leaves for lunch and then 2 hours later they were all executed for "making fun of the pharaoh"

Our most famous Pharaohs

Be sure to visit Abu Simbel

Foods of Egypt

One of the main Egyptian fruits are dates. Dates are small black/brown friuts that are found below palm tree leaves. Dates are 2 inches in length and have a small pit in the middle. In ancient Egypt everyone could afford some dates. They were very common. Ramses II declared dates a royal fruit in the name of the “gods”. By gods he mainly meant himself. Everyone likes dates! Rich people like them to sweeten their foods and poor people LOVE them to get enough food to keep themselves alive. Humans aren’t the only ones who like dates. Animals love them too! Ancient Egyptians are used to feeding hungry camels. Dates can be used to make jelly which is put on bread and eaten. Dates are just a small lovley friut everyone likes to eat dates!


I really thought that before I died in my chariot accident I would rule for about 25 years, but life does what it does.
Ancient Egypt - National Geographic

Take a look at what our civilization is up to!

Ra's Birthday

Monday, Jan. 1st 2001 at 6:30-8:30pm

East of the Nile river

By the way the date is 1200 B.C. The scrbe messed up with the date. But, come to our sun god Ra's birthday he is turning 574835785 tomorrow. Be sure to be there to celebrate

whats up with Fashion

So the Egyptians were decorative people. Most of the wealthy people men and woman wore jewelry. Egypt was plentiful in gemstones and minerals. Most jewelry was made of gold and gemstones. Some jewlrey was made of copper. For queens and kings their hats were made of gold decorated with precious stones. The Egyptians also used copper. The lower class (if they could afford it) would have copper neclaces and bracelets. They couldn’t afford gold. The king and queen had the most jewlrey in the kingdom. One of the reasons why Egypt is so wealthy is because they have so much gold. They would trade gold for materials and money. Everyone wanted gold and it was on high demand and was very expensive. Egyptians also made jewlrey for statues of god. The Egyptians put little ornamets made of precious stones or gold on mummies. They believed this would cast spells of protection and prosperity on the mummy. Recently the arrogant Ramses II made a 5 pound gold neclace and… put it on his dog. An outrages citizen exclaims “This is an outrage! I could have made enough money to feed my family for a year from that neclace! But what does Pharoh do? He gives it to his dog!” Ramses II’s dog was part god he said in defence at the royal intervention. Ramses II thought he himself was the most important god. No one liked Ramses because of this.

Aten's Amazing Brewery

A new brewery has just opened at the central marketplace in Thebes. Citizens have heard word of Aten's Amazing Brewery and were very exited about it's new opening. It's menu is like a cafe's, it has all sorts of drinks and small appetizers. One of the best things about the brewery is the fact that they serve cold, clean water! No other brewery in the entire kingdom serves this. The brewery also serves beer, wine, and juice. Some of the pastries would be warm flatbread, jelly-filled bagels, and regular bagels with cream cheese. Breakfast it's what i do! I eat my flatbread and bagels because it's good 4 u!
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