The Constutition

Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches

Legislative Branch...

The Legislative Branch is where the Congress is located. The Congress is broken up into two parts, The House of Representatives, and The Senate. The House of Representatives have the power to impeach. However the Senate is the one who controls elections and impeachment trials. Together the legislative branch create the laws.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is where all the courts are, every single one. There is a other courts and then there is a Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the highest court, If anything is extreme or is challenged further than it is taken to the Supreme Court. In this branch, the laws are interpreted.

Executive Branch...

The Executive Branch is where the President is found. The President, Barrack Obama, is also the Commander-in-Chief. He orders the troops in to battle or war. When the Legislative branch makes the laws it goes through the executive branch so it can officially become a law. In the Executive branch, the laws are enforced there.