College Drama Professor

By Caleb Carter

Why this job appeals to me.

I have always been attracted to acting.

But, I have also been attracted to music.

So, if I pursue this job, I hope to work together with the music teacher to create a musical.

The End

Info about my job

My salary is about $62,830 per year.

My time in college is 8 years for a Bachelor's, Masters, and Doctoral degrees.

The cost for college is $49,450.

Job Decription

I will help college students with acting. If musicals are optional, the music professor and I help students with acting and singing. I will grade students assignments and help assign them. I will think of ideas for assignments.

Relate Across Time

From using no computers and not even knowing what a computer was in the past, to using computers in class all day now, and soon using computers as teachers in the future, this line of work has and will advance greatly.

Tools of the Diciplines

We will use many props, backdrops, and scripts. We will use stage lights, sound equipment, and stages