Computer Hacker Life and Times

Faith Carter 12-15-15 BMS #1 Paper for the North Side

White House Down- Feature Article

Where do the best of the best hackers go for fun? Neoh@ck is known for being the convention to go to if you are the best hackers in the world. What do you do when it is online and in the White House? For Sam this was just an everyday easy hack. As a experienced, talented teenager he was able to get in the system and ready to be linked up when someone opened a door on a computer in the White House.

When the time of the convention hit 9:00 Sam was transformed into a virtual world inside the White House and ready to roll. As Sam is traveling through the doors, he believes he hears a doorbell on the screen. But as it turns out, it is his own doorbell at his apartment.

The next thing he knows, he is being locked up in a prison cell where he is kept for 3 days. After three days Agent Tyler from the Cyber Division unit arrives to question him and lets him know he is now in Washington, D.C. While in the prison Sam meets Kiwi one of the who is one of the high level hackers he will later work with in the government.

Prison does not give you freedom with computers, especially if you are a hacker but you are able to check email and play Solitaire. So for Sam this was his opportunity to find a way out! Able to hack into the prison system, he was able to get all electronic door codes,surveillance cams under his control, and the way out. Prison break time and he is on his way out and on the way home. Just as he is home free, one of the hackers he met back at Neoh@ck shows up and he is off to save the world at the CDD.

The BMS Advice Column

Dear Carolyn:

My name is Fargas, and I am a computer hacking teenager. I love to hack computers, that's pretty much all I do. Now I have become addicted to videos games using my neuro headset and can not eat, sleep or drink. I was even put in the hospital for not eating for 4 days. PLEASE HELP!!!!

My dearest Fargas- The way our world is right now with technology is out of control!! You need to take time to step away from the computers and headsets that are taking over your life. Take time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, maybe meet some new friends that are not hackers or get a new hobby. The first thing you need to focus on is yourself and your health. Do not buy into the lure of games and let them become your reality.

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Brain Jack The Movie By: Brian Falkner

Want to see how one young teenager can bring America to it's knees? Sam Wilson likes to hack into systems for fun and to see if he can shut them down and then get out without his identify being detected. One day he decides to disrupt the structure of one of the country's largest computer systems. He is able to move through the system undetected for a while using his computer hacking skills. However, the web security team working for the large company notes unusual activity. Sam realizes that he has been spotted and decides to get out quickly. There is a flurry of activity that follows as Sam scrambles to finish the job and remove any evidence that could link the security breach back to follow him.

He then is imprisoned and goes off to work with fellow expert hackers at the CDD in order to get the back hackers off the internet. They become involved in a worldwide event involving the takeover of neuro headsets and controlling the mind. You have to see this movie to catch the explosive ending.
I would consider seeing this movie if you are into gaming and computer systems. You might learn something you did not already know about computers. I recommend ages from 13 to 60 to go see this movie. Anybody younger than 13 needs a parent or parents to go see the movie with them. Some of the main characters staring are Sam Wilson (played by Michael Cera); he is a highly experienced hacker who pulled off many hacks. Fargas ( played by Seth Rogen): he is Sam's best friend since childhood who assists with his earlier cyber hacking, but dies after being overcoming with gaming. Vienna ( played by Pink); she is Sam's best friend, she would not talk to Sam because it was her fault that he got through to the White House computer system. Tyler (played by James Marsden); he worked at the CDD as an administer, he was sent to CDD after Sam would not wear the headset. Dodge (played by Tom Hardy); he helped recruit Sam to the CDD, he was the one that told Sam about the fake hack on the White House. Kiwi (played by Jessie Eisenberg); was one of the workers at the CDD that when at the hotel faked throwing himself off the side of the building. I would give this movie 4 1/2 stars.

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Fargus- Fellow Hacker and Friend

Fargus, 18, was born in New York City and died in the same place. He was a loving son, best friend since childhood to Sam Wilson, and fellow computer hacker. He was able to bring America to it's knees alongside his friend Sam.

Fargus died doing what he loved the most, using his neuro headset to play video games.

He will forever be remember and missed.

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