Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era

Old Stone age and New Stone Age

Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age)

The Paleolithic Era was 2.6 million to 10,000 years ago. People lived in caves and skin tents. People used stone, wood and bone tools. Paleolithic people lived in small groups that traveled around. The people were nomadic and they hunted and gathered. They moved to follow their food sources. Paleolithic people did not have a great food source because hunting and gathering is unpredictable.

Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)

Neolithic people began to settle to a permanent home with the Neolithic revolution. People started to domesticate animals and grow their own crops. People had a more steady supply of food. They reproduced the best crops to get the best outcome. The animals fertilized the crops to make the crops grow better. Since more food was available people could spend time doing other tasks. Better tools were created. People made better tools to use and started to live in better homes. Their homes became better and more permanent People started to live in bigger groups that were the start of the first early cities.