We Are In War Over Sand

Gennaro Marra


There are wars around the world going on over the natural resource of sand. This topic of sand wars can connect to all four units.

Unit 1

This image connects to unit 1 because unit 1 is all about globalization. So it is trading with other countries all around the world. This sand was traded from somewhere in the world and now is being made into different items. Those items are then sold and traded somewhere else. That's how unit one connects to this image.
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Unit 2

This image connects to unit 2 because unit 2 was about migration. This image shows somewhere in the world where there is obviously a lot of sand so this image represents that people who are wanting to sell sand would rather move here then somewhere that there isn't mush sand. Having all the sand in this place would be a pull factor to that place if they are looking to sell sand. It would be a push factor if there wasn't a lot of sand in a place.
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Unit 3

This image in my mind really relates to Unit 3 which is all about natural resources. Sand is obviously a natural resource and it is being traded and sold all around the world. Singapore which is the country that uses the largest amount of sand is in this image basically made out as a monster that is taking all the sand to build up their city. This is a good example to show the sand wars because even though Singapore got cut off to get sand they are still finding ways to get it illegally and as the image shows it is basically turning them into a sand monster.
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Unit 4

This image in my mind represents unit 4 which is rights and the U.D.H.R. This image is talking about sand mining which is taking sand from the middle of the ocean to make the countries larger.t his image represents unit 4 because all people have the right to still have their oceans and not to just let sand mining happen. It is also affecting animals rights because when they are sand mining they are sucking up animal life too and also affecting the habitat that they live in. This is how the picture relates to Unit 4.
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Factual Evidence

This map shows the different countries in the world and how much sand they use. This shows the sand around the world and as you can see most of the bigger countries make the most sand. This allows them to like in unit 1 sell the sand around the world, unit 2 having people move to these countries and unit 3 is all about natural resources which sand is a natural resource.
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