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AAA News You Can Use-May 2


Please be patient and flexible this week as we work to get our 3-8 graders tested. It will require ALL of us to make it happen. Mrs. Small and Dr. Hambrick have done a great job of preparing but we never know what last minute kinks we will have.

It is important for ALL teachers to be here this week. If you plan to be out and have not already notified me, please do so immediately.

This Week at a Glance


  • Behavior Learning Guide District Meeting at AAA Theater


  • 7/8 PST Meeting @3:30
  • PreK Meeting @5:30


  • Faculty Meeting


  • Master Schedule Meeting @8:30am

Spring Testing

May 2-13 ACT Aspire (SEE DETALS BELOW)

May 16-20 SchoolNet Testing

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New Information for Preparing Laptops for ACT ASPIRE Grades 3-8

1. Teachers should not run DyKnow during the test.

2. Students should not use their up/down arrows during the test. They have to use 2 fingers to scroll up and down. (Otherwise, things lag.)

3. K-2 needs to turn iPads OFF. (Not just keep from using them, but turn them OFF.)

4. No one should be streaming music or videos during testing times. It uses lots of bandwidth.

If you have questions, please check with Mrs. Parker for more details.

New Behavior Learning Guides-we will discuss at Faculty Meeting on Wednesday

This past week, we received a draft of the 2016-2017 Behavioral Learning Guide. Take some time to read through the document. I encourage youto provide feedback on the BLG by May 6, 2016. The following are ways to submit feedback.
  • Email comments to
  • Leave comments on the District’s webpage under Consent Order>Public Comments
  • Provide written or oral comments to your school’s Behavioral Learning Guide teacher liaison
  • Hand deliver comments to the front desk of the Merts Center, 200 White Street, Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Send comments by regular mail to Merts Center, Behavioral Learning Dept., 200 White Street, Huntsville, AL 35801
  • Leave written comments in your school’s Behavioral Learning Guide comment drop box
  • Participate in the Teacher Town Hall scheduled for 4:00 pm on May 2, 2016 at the Academy for Academics and Arts auditorium

Teacher Lenovos ReImaging May 18

  • Teachers will need to turn in their Lenovos to Mrs. Parker by 2:30pm on May 18.
  • You will need to notate any damage or features that are not working.
  • The refresh will happen in our building, overnight.
  • If repairs are not needed, teachers should get Lenovos back the next day.
  • Any teachers not returning to HCS will need to turn in the bag and charger also.

Celebrations Schedule

May 23 9:00 First and Second Grades

May 23 1:00 Kindergarten

May 24 9:00 Third and Fourth Grades

May 24 1:00 Fifth and Sixth Grades

May 25 9:00 Seventh and Eighth Grades

May 25 8:30and 10:30 Stars and Clowns


Winners of Asian Pacific Islanders American Heritage Month Art Contest:

1st Place Winner: Alivia Burwell

2nd Place Winner: Serenity Braxton

3rd Place Winner: Jessica Guerra

Honorable Mentioned: Troy McMullen

End of Year Library Book Collection Begins May 2

Students should start returning library books. Please help Mrs. Levert get all of our books turned back into the library.

Also, send students to the media center by 2:45 pm to check out Hot Spots, and students need to return the Hop Stops at 8:00 am.

Textbook Collection, Laptop Info and EOY Tech Procedures

  • All textbooks in grades 3-8 must be brought to library for inventory, even teacher editions
  • Teachers should back up their Lenovo. Teacher Lenovo will be reimaged two weeks prior to the last day of school. If anyone needs help backing up to Onedrive, see Mrs. Levert.
  • ActiBoard pens, projector remotes, and widis must be placed in widi zipper bag and labeled with room number (not teacher name.) These will be collected by Mrs. Parker.
  • Let Mrs. Parker know if the labels on the students’ computer are missing or unreadable, asap. (New ones must be printed prior to laptop pick-up.)

If you have any questions, please check in with Mrs. Levert or Mrs. Parker for more details.

Summer PD Opportunities

June 2- Introduction to Science Course of Study Register STI

June 6 - June 8: ARI - Foundations of Reading Training-Register STI

June 6-July 1: Elementary Teacher Academy Sessions (application will be sent to you)

Jun 6-9: Secondary Teacher Academy-register by clicking below

June 13 - June 15: ARI: Strategic Teaching-Register STI

July 25 - July 26: Math Training - 3rd - 6th grades-Missy Walker will have more details

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May 17 Erica Coleman

May 23 Catherine Bodkin

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Mills, Roberts, Schertz


Bennett, Brigman, Coleman, Estelle

(One things are settled inside-please send one teacher outside to assist in loading cars)


Each grade level should designate one teacher to walk students to bus and remain until buses leave campus.

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Don' Forget and Things To Do!

  • When taking leave it is important for you to alert me by text or email, prior to the date of the absence. If it is an emergency, please let me know ASAP.
  • EOY checklists will be coming out soon so you can begin to wrap up this year.