Dory Holder

Digital Portfolio Sample

Moving into the school library profession incorporates all of the best elements of my former occupations. As a librarian, I will bring skills in a number of areas including marketing and event coordination; instructional design and collaboration; English language and literature; and most of all, relationships with students and faculty. Here is a small sampling of work that demonstrates my aptitude in the areas of website creation, presentations, digital curations, and various web 2.0 tools.

Digital Curation

With today's vast OER availability, curating these resources so that educators can access seamlessly is paramount. Below is an example of a group collaboration in which I curated an area of the US and Virginia History SOL and designed the cover page linking the group's Blendspace resources together.


As a former journalism teacher, I ensure that all flyers, signage, and slidedocs have pleasing design schemes. I also teach students how to consider visual aspects of their projects as well. I created this author poster using Canva, which is just one of many design tools available free online that I like for students to utilize for projects.
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Virtual presence holds as much, if not more, value to 21st century learning students as does the physical space. Designing and maintaining an interactive, user-friendly, and student-oriented website is another aspect of importance. I constructed this site for a fictional library that I would love to take live.

Professional Development

Part of the role of collaborator and instructional partner that excites me is helping to provide fresh, meaningful professional development. I am one of the rare humans who actually enjoys public speaking on topics about which I am passionate. Sharing useful classroom tricks and tips with others, like in my presentation below, is very gratifying. I gave this particular talk titled "O The Places You'll Go" about easing teachers into technology at the 2015 VAASL Annual Conference.


This year, my role as paraeducator not only afforded me the time to focus on my librarianship studies, it also allowed me to develop instructional partnerships and to act as the librarian's understudy. Working with the reading workshop classes, I coordinated student communication and Skype sessions with authors Chris Grabenstein and Ben Mikaelsen.
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As most schools have incorporated some form of MakerSpace into their libraries, I have started learning to tinker, myself. I see possible materials for creating now everywhere and have even started collecting items for my future MakerSpace. Here is an easy design from I created for a 3D printer project of a cell phone stand.
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