Ancient Chinese Inventions

Entertaining and Future Effect

Profound Effect


The first match was invented in 577 A.D. and the earliest matches were made of sulfur. If an emergency did happen at night it may took a lot of time to light a lamp. But then a man made the system of adding sulfur to little pinewood sticks and storing them ready for use. Then slightest touch of fire would cause them to flame up. It was formerly called a 'light-bringing slave', but afterwards when it became well used its name was changed to 'fire inch-stick'.

Paper Money

The first notice of paper money was in 806 A.D. and they were printed notes used for military scrip or other emergency measures issued in dire circumstances, but for the most part these notes disappeared quickly. But the Chinese only used paper money for about 300 years of a 400 year period during the Song, Yuan (Mongol), and Ming dynasties.


First believed to be built in 400 B.C. And an ancient book describing flying cars with wood from the inner part of a tree with leather straps fastened to blades to start the motion. This is the first recorded record of what we might understand as a helicopter or propeller. In the 4 A.D., the Chinese invented a toy called the “Bamboo Dragonfly”, which is another propeller based invention.


Lottery/ Bingo

The first lottery game was between 205 and 187 B.C. during the Han Dynasty it is called Keno. A version of this game is still played in casinos today. It is believed that the first use was to finance government projects,such as the Great Wall of China. They persuade citizens to wager their money and property for a chance to win more. Keno was then introduced to America with the import of Chinese workers when many migrated over the Pacific.

Pottery Wheel

In China the potter would sit at or near ground level and controlling the speed of the wheel was the job of an assistant who would stand. In 3000 B.C. it appeared in China and Mesopotamia. These potters used white clay instead of the normal coarse gray clay to make their pottery,which would be porcelain and they would cover it in glaze after shaping it.


Dominoes evolved from dice in ancient China in the early 12th century. Chinese dominoes are very different from our dominoes both in appearance and in how the game is played. Chinese dominoes are divided into two groups. 11 of the tiles called civilian and another ten called Military. There are two of each(double)civilian with a total of 32. They also would hold them like we would playing cards today!