by regan youngers

what is it like there?

In Honduras with a population of 8 million the country has had some problems because they had a hurricane in 1998 it did more then 58 million dollars in damage to the country it also left the country with 75% of the people with not safe water. The main source is six hours away they get it by getting a bucket and carrying it on there heads. The way people have been helping is donation and other communities making schools and health clinics people that are helping is the website WaterforPeople.org people make donations to the website and they help and making everything to help the people of Honduras. With these donations they made the safe drinking water go up to 81% its good but still not enough for people to be living with but with hope more people will donate that will change soon. the climate is about 61 to about 70 year around in the north it gets really humid and rains alot