Miss Branchick's Newsletter

March 21-25, 2016

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Family Fun Night

Thank you to all those who were able to join us on Friday for our family fun night! It was wonderful to see everyone together and get to just mingle with you all and have small conversations about all of the wonderful things your children are up to in the classroom!

I'm already planning to have another one at the end of the year to celebrate all of our shared successes in third grade!

Also, a big thanks to those who were able to bring drinks and snacks!

Homework this week

Homework this week went home on Friday.

There is a math review packet and reading review packet.

4 pages of Rocket Math need to be turned in by Friday for all students who have not mastered all four operations on Math Fact Mastery.

*Any student who turned in all of their homework that was due on March 18th, was given a the week off from homework!

This week in room 506


Unit 14-

Monday- Lesson 15-1 Using decimeters and centimeters

Tuesday- Lesson 15-2 Using kilometers and meters

Wednesday- Lesson 15-3 Units of capacity

Thursday- Lesson 15-4 Units of mass

Friday- Unit 14 Assessment

Fourth Grade:

Monday- Lesson 1-7A

Tuesday- Review

Wednesday- Topic 1 Performance Assessment

Thursday- Topic 2 Pretest

Friday- Third grade enrichment/Fourth grade review (will start Topic 2 after break)


Unit 5 Week 2

  • Strategy: Summarize
  • Skill: Point of View
  • Genre: Realistic Fiction
  • Vocab: Homographs
  • Phonics: Inflectional Endings/ Suffixes (-ful, -less, -able)


1. conservation- Conservation is the care of natural resources.

2. discouraged- When people are discouraged, they are made to feel like giving up.

3. frustration- Frustration is a feeling of being upset because you can't do or have something.

4. gaze- To gaze is to look steadily at something.

5. jubilant- To feel jubilant is to feel very happy or joyful.

6. recycling- Recycling is putting objects or materials through a special process so they can be used again.

7. remaining- Something remaining is still in a certain place.

8. tinkered- If you have ever tinkered with something, then you have made small changes to it.

Spelling Words: Inflectional Endings

1. arrived

2. noticed

3. offering

4. hopes

5. hoped

6. hoping

7. achieves

8. danced

9. dancing

10. dropped

11. dropping

12. wrapped

13. wrapping

14. driving

15. traded


Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home:

Tumblebooks is registered for grades K-4 so North and South share.

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