Adams is Violating Our Rights

Federalists Can't Be Trusted

Alien and Sedition Acts

Adams and the Federalists have disrupted our rights and our freedoms expressed in the Constitution. The Constitution has been ratified for about 11 years and someone has already violated it. We will not stand for this maltreatment. We need to fight back against these acts. Kentucky and Virginia have exercised their states rights and have protected their people from these unjust laws. The Federalists, and Adams, need to reread the First Amendment and follow it.

We Must Take Action

The Kentucky and Virginia Rebelions

Kentucky and Virginia have decided to protect their people from ths tyranny. They have executed the right of the states to block any unjust or unconstitutional laws. We need to take action like the brave Kentucky and Virginia! We must defeat this injustice!

The Rights of the Citizens Must be Defended

Defend The United States of America with me. Send me a letter for questions or to help our noble and justified cause. Send letters to 131 WJB Pride Ln., Lebanon, TN 37087.