Using Google Maps in the Classroom

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Google Maps

Google Maps is no longer just for driving directions to a favorite vacation spot. Now Maps can be used to chart historical journeys, take virtual tours of far off cities, or make a map of our city with points of interest for tourists.

With Google Maps, you can search for a destination and instantly be transported there. Let's say we are wanting to look up and study Little Rock Central High School. Now, with Maps, you have basic information, directions, pictures, street view and photosphere where you can take a virtual tour around the outside of the building. It is like being there in person. Think of the possibilities for your classroom.You may want students to create a map based on a story they just read, or have them measure distance in math class. You can explore the streets of Paris, Shanghai, New York and LA all from your computer screen.

Google Maps in Education

Google Maps in the Classroom

5 Fun Ways to use Google Maps in the Classroom

My Maps- Google

Students can now make custom maps they can share with you and the class using My Maps by Google. My Maps is integrated into Google Drive which means you can create a map and share it just like a document in Google Drive.

With My Maps students can:

  • Customize their own map with directions
  • Draw lines, shapes and placemarkers on their map
  • Add pictures and videos
  • Organize their map with layers to show different content

Students can use My Maps to recreate historical journeys, plan routes and sites on a trip, create photo tours of a city, and much much more.

To access My Maps simply go to your Google Drive, click New, More, My Maps, or you can log into your Google account and type My Maps in the address bar and it will take you to My Maps.

My Maps Google Tutorial

My Maps by Google

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