Civil rights leaders

By simone

The people who helped civil right did many different and similar things

Linda Brown

Linda was seven years old when she helped schools desegregate. In the brown vs board of education she had to stay strong in her fight. She like rosa parks used non violent methods to change cizity. She was not a radical actives like Stokley Carmichael she used no violents.

Rosa Parks

Rosa parks did many thing to help civil rights on is the mucgumery bus boycott. Like Linda brown she did not use violents no matter how tempting it got. She did not believe violence was the awnser like Stokley Carmichael.

Stokley Carmichael

He was an active black power member. He also was a honorary black panther prime minster. Unlike Linda brown and rosa parks he did not believe that nonviolen forms of protest worked
Ranking them in who I believe did the most in the civil rights movement

1 rosa parks

2 Linda brown

3 Stokley Carmichael