Exhibition (Littering)

By Jozair

Exhibition Reflection 1

In my first Reflection I will be writing about how I feel about Exhibition. I am overall excited for Exhibition because I think I have all the skills I will need to do it. I know a lot about my topic (littering) and have a lot of information too. I think my good skills of grammar and spelling and using good word choice can help when we are having to type something like a presentation, or report, for Exhibition. Now I will move on to how I feel about it. I think it's exciting because we have different people in our group with different skills and strengths. In conclusion, I think that Exhibition will be a fun project, but I still will need to work hard on it.

Exhibition Reflection 2

In my second Exhibition Reflection I will be talking about Learner Profile attributes I have displayed. I think that I have displayed two Learner Profile attributes, which are Open-Minded and being a communicator. I feel that I have displayed Open-Mindedness because now I am sharing ideas with the rest of my group more often. An example of this was when we were having one of our Mentor Meetings. I showed my ideas and explained my points clearly. I feel that I have displayed that I'm a Communicator because instead of just sitting there listening, I jumped into the conversations at appropriate times and said whether I agree with whoever was talking or not, even when the discussion was about someone else's genre of littering. An example of this was when we were watching a video about edible cutlery. Lots of us, including me, gave lots of ideas that gradually led us to finding more information in our research periods. In conclusion, I think I display the Learner Profile attributes Open-Minded and Communicator.

Exhibition Reflection 4

In my fourth Exhibition reflection I will be reflecting about the research in the Exhibition project as of May 2016. I think I am doing well in Exhibition research in all. Supporting this statement, one of the reasons I feel like this is because I am very productive during our work periods and often ask the other members in my group if I am not sure what to do next after I'm done typing, writing, or printing something. Every time I type something for Exhibition I make sure my sentences are clear, make sense, have capitalization, grammar, and spelling correct, and are related to my topic. In conclusion, I think I'm doing very well working, and showing my work for my research in Exhibition.

Exhibition Reflection 5

In my fifth Exhibition reflection I will be talking about the Art component. The art component we did was creating a puppet show. Each of us created paper puppets and held them up by glueing them to popsicle sticks. Anyway, I think I have displayed Creativity, and Commitment when I was doing my part of the artistic component, which was creating the three birds. First I will start with Commitment. One of the reasons I think this is because at first when I looked at my drawing, it didn't look good. It had holes in the paper, as well as the fact that the lines weren't straight and it hardly looked like a bird. However, I gave myself confidence and kept working at it, fixing the mistakes along the way. And at the end it was great. Next I will talk about the Creativity I thought I had displayed. I think I displayed creativity because instead of copying it from the Internet, I decided to use my own design. Another reason I think I used Creativity is because whenever I made a mistake, I turned it into something I needed. An example of this was when I was creating the outline of my seagull. I wasn't using a ruler because a seagull's body is curved. I accidentally moved my pencil the wrong way and drew a line that was very off. Later after I erased it and started to create the wings of the bird, I couldn't get it how I wanted it. I then noticed that the bad line I drew was the perfect way to create the wing. I retraced the line and made it into the bird's wing. To finish off, I will tell you what attitudes my group members have displayed that have helped them contribute to the artistic component. I think they have displayed commitment, because I have noticed all of them give their share of the work on time and also finish it completely. In conclusion, the art component worked out successfully.

Reflection 6

My contributions to the media component, which was a commercial, were in my opinion about the right amount of work. I feel I contributed fairly because of three reasons. The first reason is that I was the one who had to work on the commercial and fix an error that was in the editing, and that took a lot of time. The second reason is that I did more in addition to what I was responsible for to help out the others. Our media component can be improved by balancing out the colours in the video.

Reflection 8

What I enjoyed most about my group's presentation was the artwork hanging from the ceiling. I like it because it was a very creative idea. Some presentation skills I think I used was 'Maintaining Eye Contact' and 'Speaking Clearly'. Now I will talk about the areas I found the most challenging. I think the most challenging part was creating and memorizing the script. I think this was challenging because for me, I had a lot of things to say as my character. Luckily, I memorized all of my script and said it in the presentation. I think the three things our audience at our Exhibition presentation learned were;

#1: Aluminum foil goes into the garbage

#2: Dry goods go into the green bin

#3: Plastic items go into the blue box

Reflection 9

In this reflection I will be doing some activities on another Exhibition presentation;

Poaching Presentation Key Words:

- Poach

- Hunters

- Black Market

- Illegal

Most Important Points:

I think the Illegal, Black Market, and Poach are most important because first of all, illegal, because poaching is a very important subject and the law restricting it shouldn't be broken.

Black Market is an important term because it's where you sell animals, and I think lots of people agree with me when I say that in my opinion they shouldn't exist. Finally I think Poach is important because if you poach you are just collapsing the food chain further.

Raised Questions In My Mind:

1: Who started poaching?

2: What is the fine/jail sentence if you are caught poaching?

3: What are some common places where poaching occurs?