By: Christian Beck

History of Pennslyvania

Pennsylvania was founded December 12, 1787 by William Penn which is how Pennsylvania got its name. Pennsylvania was one of the bigger colonies and had a lot of food, it was called a bread-basket colony which it had a lot of food to feed themselves. Home of the Quakers, this colony really enforced the laws of Christianity.

William Penn

William Penn was born on October 24, 1644 and died on July 30, 1718. William Penn was the one who founded and named Pennsylvania, that's why he is a pretty important person in this colony. William Penn was known as a Quaker, Quakers followed the Christian Religion but enforced it a bit more than others.

Economy of Pennsylvania


I would like to pursuade people to stay in Pennsylvania because there is a lot of food and it is pretty easy to survive if you pull your own weight and farm for your family.