My description

Some information about myself.

My name is Daiana and I have 14 years old. I love music, dance and read. About music I like: pop, rock-pop, dance, hip-hop and electro, but those aren't the only type of music that I like, I'm really open about what I hear.
About dance, I like all the type of dances (specially hip-hop) and about what I read: I love books about adventures, science fiction, criminal and horror books, but like the other things those aren't the only type of books that I read.
In my free time I surf the net and play videogames, all the social networks but specially YouTube, I love it and admire a lot of youtubers.
I love animals, they are my all. Specially dogs and birds, I love them.

My mottos are: Believe in your dreams and be yourself.