KP Monday Memo

May 9 - Week 38

Upcoming Events


  • 5/10 - Department Supervisor Mtg - BLDG
  • 5/10 - Faculty Meeting
  • 5/11 - CSI - Department
  • 5/11 - QuEST Type III Celebration - 6pm
  • 5/12 - Grade 8 Concert with Post Concert Social
  • 5/13 - Great East Festival - 8:45am to 8:30pm
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Call for Faculty Meeting Agenda Items/Announcements by 12 Noon please

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TEVAL Reminders

Data for H2 Forms due by May 31st (this may mean it is put inafter the summative conference for some)

Summative Evaluation Conferences must be complete by June 1

All Pending Forms must be signed by June 8

You're a GEM

  • Liz D'Attillo from Admin Colleagues for coordinating multiple opportunities for students to practice/demonstrate citizenship within and outside of KPs walls. Way to support our Big Rock for Community Engagement.

  • The International Night Committee from KP Admin, thank you for all that you did to organize an amazing night for the KP community and living our Big Rock of Community Engagement OUT LOUD in a huge way.

Passing of the Rocks

Mei Ling Caldera is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Carolyn Andrews. In the classroom Carolyn helps, encourages, and cultivates students to engage in class to the best of their abilities. In addition, Carolyn facilitates the KP Coffee House that not only benefits the students that run the cafe, but also brings the staff together with our appreciation for caffeine and cupcakes. Thank you Carolyn for being the kind and essential support for all members of our KP community!

Sarah Falvey & Denise deMello are passing the Wellness Rock to Lynn Brown and the cafeteria staff. Lynn has added new breakfast items to the cafeteria menu - increasing the number of students who come for breakfast - she recognizes that a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day of learning . Lynn and the cafe staff also take good care of staff nutritional needs last week with a healthy trail mix snack. Thank you, Lynn and the entire cafeteria staff !

Keriann Cassells is passing the Student Success Rock on to Danelia Brown. Danelia has shown genuine love to the student that she works with. She really takes her time with him and treats him as her own. She has built a great connection with him. Her student benefits from her warmth, smile, and motherly love. Thank you for all that you do!

Well Being Resources

Check out our Family Newsletter: The KP Connection