6th Grade Technology

By: Payton Jeske

Typing Web

  • Each morning you start out for 5 minutes going onto Typing Web.
  • It helped me be a better typer!
  • Once you get past a certain level Mrs. Myers will take your photo and put it on the door!
  • There are 4 different categories. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and practice.

Making An iTrailer

  • You get to create an iTrailer about your choice topic.
  • You get to chose your theme and what it looks like.
  • I chose to write about my state gymnastics meet.
  • Also you want to make the audience want to see the actual movie.
  • There needs to be a theme or a main point in your iTrailer.
  • Mine was that hard work pays off because I did good at state.

Haiku Deck

  • You get to make a presentation about your dream job and put facts about your job.
  • After everyone finishes you have to show it to the class.
  • Make sure you make it nice because you have to show it to Mrs. Myers and the whole class.
  • I made my presentation about physical therapy because that is what I want to be!
  • You get to decide the font, theme, colors, pictures, and the words you want to say!

Explain Everything

  • Mrs. Myers gives you a few problems to chose from and you have to solve them on Explain Everything.
  • You get to choose which problem you want to do and you have to set it all up.
  • On your own you have to show how to solve the problem and then you submit to schoology.
  • You have to explain using the tab that you can record your voice and then you explain the process.

Career Locker

  • When you do the career locker program Mrs. Vanddenboggard comes in the technology room and explaines and teaches us about the program.
  • We discover our dream job.
  • Find out about jobs that fit you.
  • Your personality traits.
  • Take tests and find out what fits you.
  • Look for colleges and how much they cost and which one you want to go to.


  • In the coding unit you get to figure out codes to unlock something.
  • There are many fun coding games that you have to make the people or animals do.
  • Some comands for the person to do are move forward, move backwards, turn left, turn right, fill, dig, and many more!
  • There are many different type of coding games that you can play. Some games that are fun are, Frozen, Star wars, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Artist, and Infinity Play lab!
  • When you play the minecraft version you get to make a house, or dig a hole and as you get farther you get to make harder things.
  • In the flappy Bird version you get to make you bird move up and down by clicking: when click... hop and move forward. Also you get to pick which sound your bird makes. It could make a ding, or clap, or the Flappy Bird sound.