Nikola Tesla

By Raven James

Nikola tesla's biography

Nikola tesla was born in July of 1856, in what is now called Croatia. He first thought of his invention of the alternating current or ac in eruope but did not have what he needed so he sailed to new York and joined Thomas Edison in his work with the direct current or dc. This quickly ended with tesla wanting to use ac current but Edison not wanting to switch because he patient the dc already. Tesla received funding for his tesla electric light company to create a better arc lighting. He had to stop with his research to do Manual labor in order to survive. he later was able to find interest in his ac electric system and funding for his new tesla electric company. He had successfully filled several patients for ac based inventions. Nikola tesla thought of many inventions but did not draw them up because he was already the government would take them.

Tesla changed the world

Tesla had a huge impact on our lives in the way of technology. Ac current changed the world because it was cost effective to transfer at long distances and was safer. He also invented the radio, X-ray, electric motor and more. His inventions are still used today with not many changes. These invitations has made him one of the greatest scientist today even though he did not live to see how much of an impact he had on our lives.
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