Lewis Henry Morgan

An Ethnologist & scientific anthropologist

Biography- Who is Lewis Henry Morgan ?

Henry was born close to Aurora, New York, U.S. November,21,1818 and passed away on December,17,1881 in Rochester, New York. He made a great discovery of scientific anthropology. Morgan is well known for finding the knowing of kinship for his theory of social evolution. He also practiced law at Rochester (1844-62). Morgan was a part of many events some of them are the New York state assembly (1861-68), and senate (1868-69). In the 1840's Morgan obtained interest in Native Americans. Also his opinion on technology had changed overtime. For many years he has obtained the leadership of American anthropology. Some of his well known works are The Indian Journals (1859-1862), and The American Beaver and his works (1868).

What did he contribute ?

Lewis Henry Morgan contributed his knowledge and findings of cultural evolution in anthropology. Also he shared his study of kinship within people with same religion and different ones. Also when talking about kinship we also look at the ancestory and family bonds there past relatives had and what effects they are going to have on the upcoming future.
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Why is Morgan Important to anthropology ?

He is important because he is known for the findings of kinship between various cultures and the relations that are tied with the ancestors and how the past affects the present. Also he proceeded from kinship to the lines of human developement over time from savagery through Barbarism to civilization in 1877.
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