Hamster News

By Daniel Reyes

All About Hamsters

Hamsters are incredible animals. They can be fun but you have to take good car of them. It's important to clean out their cages once a week and feed them a good diet. They can live up to 1.5 but not more than 3 years. There are many types of Hamsters the Chineses, the Dwarf, and Syrian are some of them. The Dwarf hamster is a social hamster they are friendly. They should be placed with other hamster but at young age so they won't be afraid. The Chinesse Hamster are the same size as Dwarf Hamsters. Sometimes they get along with other hamster but often they do not. They tend to be friendly but they are also quick. The Syrian are the most common types of hamsters. They should be kept in one cage to avoid fighting. They can be easy to handle.