Lamaster's Line Up

Here's what's happening in first grade...

Reading and Writing

We practiced using picture clues to help us figure out tricky words when reading. We also read fiction and nonfiction bat stories to help us learn more about bats. We started by listing "What We Think We Already Know About Bats" and then checking to see if what we thought was true as we read. In writing, we practiced writing "How To" pieces.


In math this week, we focused on identifying odd and even numbers. We also looked for patterns and tricks to help us decide if a number is "odd" or "even". We learned that we can look at the last number to decide if it is odd or even. For example, 3, 456 is even because it ends with a "6" and "6" is "even". Next week, we will be practicing telling time to the 1/2 hour which can get a little tricky!

Zoo Field Trip Photos

Important Dates:

November 18: STEM Family Night 6:00-7:30pm

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

*Also, we will focus on the lifelines Fairness and Gratitude this month!

Upcoming Mystery Readers (10:45am in our classroom):

November 12: Allie Winters

November 19: Danielle Dobson

December 3: Tim Hardt

December 10: Becky Giles

December 17: Kristen Hale

Fall Party!!!

Thank you to Jennifer Ranalli, Katie Gordon, Kristen Hale, Jade Keane, Amanda Cullen, and Becky Giles for volunteering their time to help run stations at our party! Thank you also to Machelle Edmonson, Sara Wurtsbaugh, Melody Berg, Christina Estes, Amy Nichols, Allison Sidnam, Kristine Hardt, and Erin Bonwell for donating items to our party!