Great Aussie Bush Camp Highlights

By Sophie, Brie And Georgie

Beast Great Aussie Bush Camp Momments

Some of our best Great Aussie Bush Camp momments were

1. the Flying Fox

2. the Gaint Swing

3. the Sand Dunes

4. Canoeing

5. Lost island

The Flying Fox was a really fun experiance because you could have two people doing it at a time and it felt like you where flying because you didn't sit on a seat you just glided down the rope.

The Giant Swing was a thrilling experiance because you where lifted up into the air really high and then you had to pull your own triger to let yourself go flying over all it was a great experiance even if you are scared of hights.

The Sand Dunes was an amazing experiance because the Sand Dunes where really big and you ran up and then you just leaped of everyone had heaps of fun even if you just sat on the top watching everybody.

Canoeing was freezing for some groups who did it in the pouring rain but quite exciting for the groups who did it when it was a bit warmer. Everyone got into groups of three and got into a canoe and practised paddleing then they played some games and had lots of fun!

The lost island was a really fun but cold and muddy experiance because it was freezing in the muddy water but after you had gone under the logs you had brain freeze. Lost island was a fun but very cold day but everyone enjoyed it and enjoyed their warm showers afterwards.