Getting Techy With It: Google Drive

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Meet the new Google Drive

Why I use Google Drive!

Years ago, I put my lesson plans on a flash drive to transport them back and forth between work and home. One day that flash drive just stopped working! I'm a techy person so you would think that I would back my files up regularly. Well, nope I did not! After doing research, a flash drive has a life. It WILL stop working if that life is exceeded. (Or if your toddler - at the time - takes it and breaks it while you have it plugged in to your laptop.) I started using Google Drive so that my lesson plans would be stored online to work on them from work and home.

Why not Dropbox?

Why not Dropbox? Dropbox and similar products just allow you to store your files. You have to download them to your computer and upload the revision (unless you download a program to your computer to do syncing, which is frowned upon in schools because of wireless activity).

What else can I do with Google?

Google allows you to create, edit, and store files. While you can't edit some of the files you may want to store, you can edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Did I mention it is FREE?

If that wasn't enough, you can collaborate and share files with people. Work on a presentation together, compile resources together, edit/review documents for each other.

Google Forms

Google Forms is also a great feature with Google Drive. It allows you to create your own set of questions, share the link, others enter data, and then the data is stored in a spreadsheet which is created based on your Form questions.

And it's all FREE! Well, up to a certain about of storage space. With your school account you get 30 GB for free and the student accounts are unlimited storage.

How can I use this with BYOD?

The Android operating system was developed by Google. So we don't have to worry about them playing well together. And I have yet to see any problems with the iOS.

Google products (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations) do not have compatibility issues. It does not matter what type of computer, operating system, or browser you use. You will be able to open your Google created files with ease.

Students can collaborate, email you, create files, manage their calendar, and collect data with forms and spreadsheets.