Michael Jordan

By: Nolan Burns


Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 (hasday11). He on six championship titles in his NBA career. He even played Minor League baseball. Michael is now retired and married at the age of 50. He is known as the greatest basketball player in history


Michael Jordan inspired many people, and has his own famous dunk. He sells his famous Air Jordan shoes that many people buy and admire. He even has basketball camps for children. Kids loved when him and Warner Brother cartoons were in the movie Space Jam.


Determined- After Michael didn't make his high school team the first time he tried again.

Outgoing-Michael was an amazing athlete he even played a game with the flu

Inspiring- Michael inspires a lot of people with his amazing athletic skills

Tall-He is a whopping six foot and a half dunking machine

Bald-He has a shiny bald head

Rough Times

Michaels father was killed at a truck stop on his trip home from a funeral. Michael was devastated his father had been his best friend. This didn't stop Michael from playing the sport he loved.


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