Being Nice

When my brother is nice to me he plays with me. Here are some games we like to play. Bolder it's where we get a bed and put it on a bunk bed one side on one side off and-

someone is on top lying down and some one is on bottom and the person on the top has to try to get the person on the bottom out by nocking them off. Its fun!We also ride bikes.We like to ride up to the parking lot by our house and up and down the street and we like the Lexi free street it's really the street next to our's street but my sister does not go there so it's were we can get away from her weirdness. He also sticks up for me (Only if he`s not mad at for some reason).So that's how I know he is nice.

When my brother is being MEAN!!!!

When me brother is being MEAN he never finishes a game HE started.He always tell's on us even if it's very very very little.When we accidently hit him he hits back.And when he get's really mad he starts to hit really hard and it heart's and he get's really mad when we say stuff about him.And he is super sensitive. Plus he only cool's of after he is in his room alone with no one else.

FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) HAHAHA

When my brother is being funny he mack's up jokes(and there mostly funny by the way),he act's like peopel in a funny way ,and when loughs at something super duper funny he can't stop until he run`s out of breath and then he lough`s at stuff that is not that funny when i snap he loughs if i whistle he loughs. And he's just really funny.Plus he he acts like a dog sometime's it's funny but sometime's not.


My brother is super good at sports like foot ball he played flag foot ball in 2013 and 2014 and he played tackel foot ball, he played basket ball when he was 10 ,and he played soccer when he was like 5 and I was probably 4 or 3 that was a long time ago. And that is all the sports he ever played right now he is just taking a brake on sport's.But I think he will ever play basket ball or soccer again because he said "I don't want to play basket ball again it's a little boring" and i think he's not going to play soccer again is because he never play's at home.So that mean's he does not like soccer.

Game's that need power that my brother play's

At home he always play's on his tablet. He is not on his tablet if he's not not allowed to or if it's dead.He love's to play on the X-box hear are some game's he like's to play. He like's to play star wars battle front, Minecraft.Also a lego he barley play's bored game's. Sometime's he say's "I don't want to play a bored game because that are boring that's why their called bored game's''. He also play's on the computer but only sometimes.


Like every one else he love's food hear are some food's he like's. He like's tacos he like's cupcake's, he like's cooke's, he likes blueberry muffins, he like's cake, he like's hamburgers he like's hot dog's. Those are some of the food he like's and believe me he like's a lot more food and i mean a lot more food.