Grayson Boucher

"Someone I admire" by Stefan Markovski

Grayson "The Professor" Boucher

Grayson Scott Boucher or "The Professor" is an American streetball player and an actor. He's born on the 10 of June 1984. Boucher is most known for his playing in the international AND1 Mixtape Tour and his part in several movies like "Ball Don't Lie". When the AND1 Mixtape Tour stopped in Portland Oregon, Boucher and his brother were big fans. Grayson found out that there was an "open run" where people can try to win and join the tour. He was the only one accepted in the tour. He has played in over 30 countries and has been featured in 7 seasons in "Sreetball". After leaving AND1 in January 2011, Boucher played streetball for Ball Up. The international tour stopped in over 10 countries along with plans for a winter tour in the U.S. He's also famous for his role as Spiderman in the "Spiderman plays basketball" series where he plays streetball dressed up as Spiderman against other people.

Why I admire this person?

I admire Grayson Boucher because he is a skillful streetball player. He doesn't just play streetball, he makes a show for his audience. Boucher also does a lot of hard but amazing tricks to beat his opponent. He proves that basketball and streetball is not only about scoring points, but also having fun and making the audience happy no matter the score!
Best of The Professor
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