Anti-War movement of the 1960's

By: Joseph Jones

5 Major facts of this movement

-By 1965 the troops entering Vietnam were drafted they were no longer any volontiers.

-After President Nixon ordered the invasion of Cambodia a anti war protest broke out at a college and before it was over 4 students were dead.

-The My Lai incident where U.S troops killed innocent Vietnam villagers increased the anti war movement.

-Aug, 1968 a major protest at the Democratic National Convention turned violent when officers and the national guard showed up to intervene with the anti war protesters.

-The wood stock music festival of 1969 was the most massive anti war social gathering during the anti war movement of the 1960's

Why I chose to do the anti war movement of the 1960's

I chose the anti war movement because to me it was the most interesting. So many crazy protest happened and a lot of good music came from this time period. It was also easy to describe the events that happened to my audience because the events I read about where simple to read about and understand. The anti war movement was not the most important thing that was going on during the 1960's but was cool to write about