Foods We Eat

By: Jose, Cassey and Silvia


  1. Cereal

  2. Sausage biscuit

  3. Apples

  4. Yogurt


  1. Burritos

  2. Quesadillas

  3. Salad


  1. Tacos

  2. Ribs

  3. Chicken


1. Ice Cream

2. Yogurt

3.Honey Bun

4. Fruit

How do our feelings affect our appetite?

Here in the U.S we eat when we're happy, sad, exited, bored and nervous, but we also stop eating because of the same reasons.

Illnesses that affect appetite?

There are lots of illnesses that affect appetite such as bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa etc...

Cultural expectations

Some cultures aren't allowed to eat certain types of meat/ food.


Nutrisystem sends you food so that you feel as if you are eating the same and you are still being satisfied but the food they send has less calories so that way you are consuming less calories and losing weight. Nutrisystem has an eating plan where you eat more meals in smaller portions that way you don't feel like your not getting enough food, all meals are portioned by Nutrisystem so you don't have to worry about measuring wrong.