Fast Food Company

History of McDonald's

When McDonald's first started it wasn't like it is today, they didn't have happy meals or chicken mcnuggets. When Ray Kroc first bought McDonald's from the McDonald brothers is when he started to make history and opened the first McDonald's in Des Plaines, Illinois. It only had 9 items on the menu.

McDonald's Over the Years

When McDonald's came out the first thing that changed about is that McDonald's got the new trendy golden arches. A little while later they finally got to all the fifty states. Now it seems like it is ever expanding getting to 119 different states around the whole world.

The Impact McDonald's has put on the World

McDonald's was one of the first major fast food companies that started it all. It was one of the only food commercials that could get into the first super bowl. It even has a hamburger university where you can get a degree on hamburgerology .

The Man who Started it all Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc started McDonald's to make a franchise system but them it got bugger than he could ever imagine. After he made the first McDonald's he would always help out by picking up garbage around the restaurant. Sadly he died in January 1984, at the of 84.

The Best Selling Item

The best seller and the most important product sold for McDonald's was...... their burgers. They advertised themselves in parades and signs but after 1963 they started advertising themselves on television also.

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McDonalds Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Pay With Lovin

Fun Facts About McDonald's

  • McDonald's first menu items were hot dogs not hamburgers
  • 1 in 8 american workers have been employed by McDonald's
  • McDonald's opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours
  • McDonald's feeds 68 million people every day
  • McDonald's is the largest distributor of toys
  • McDonald's golden arches are recognized by more people than the cross
  • McDonald's makes 75 million dollars a day
  • Used to sell pizza in the 70's
  • If you live in the US you are never more than 115 miles from a McDonald's
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