"What's Your Type?"

By: Taylor Troup

Description Of ESFP'S

  • ESFP'S are the type of people that are out going, loves people, and interacting with new things.
  • They like being the center of attention and entertaining people. These types of people have good common sense.
  • ESFP's tend to talk a lot, be class clowns, and they are most likely known as the life of the party.

"Why or Why doesn't this person describe you?"

I think this personality does describe me, but in a way I doesn't think it does. ESFP's are out going, love to interact with different people, and are the type of people that would make you laugh all the time. Yes, at times I am like this. I could laugh all day long, but on some occasions I become very shy and timid. I stay to myself and I'm more on the quiet side.

Common Traits

  • Love people
  • attracted to new things
  • spontaneous/impulsive nature
  • loves telling stories and having fun