"What to Expect"

By: Maria Pablo HR:5th

First Trimester (Month 1-3)

It's your first few weeks of you being pregnant and you probably have so many questions and want to know everything that you need to expect! First thing first you need to eat healthy and do anything to stay safe, because these few weeks are your most critical and dangerous. At this time an egg leaves the ovary, covered by a protective layer of cells to keep your baby safe. What you call the baby now is a "blastocyst". Your baby is so tiny that you can't see anything it's the size of a seed. You might be wondering when will your baby bump show well it's not gonna happen until the 2nd trimester. In 4 weeks into your pregnancy the yolk sac delivers nutrients until the placenta is ready to take over.

Second Trimester (Months 4-6)

By this time you probably can't wait any longer but you still have a long way ahead of you! Your nausea and back pains are gonna get worst, what you can do is go out for walks breathe fresh air and very relax. Dad in this situation you can be a very big help giving her every food she desires and just making sure she gets everything she wants while also eating healthy. Something to remember is to drink lots of water it will only help you in the long run. At 14-25 weeks the baby's facial muscles start to work out from squints,frowns, and grimaces. Also your baby will start to get hair all over and while also putting baby fat. Around this time if your eating good and doing everything right you will be able to see your baby bump and the baby will be 13 1/2 inches. Remember your half way there keep it up.

Third Trimester (Months 7-9)

It's finally your last few weeks before you finally get to meet your baby girl/boy! Trust me I know it's been a tough journey but your so close. The right things that should be happening with you right now is you should be gaining about 1 pound a week and still drinking lots of water. The pains that you should have are lower back pain, shortness of breath and heartburn. You really can't do anything about this but just relax hoping for the best, dad this is the time you need to come around helping as much as you can. Take her out for walks and help her with anything needed. The baby around this time is more then ready to come out to this world. At your 30-40 weeks your baby has toenails,fingernails, and real hair. Your baby is now around 18 inches long weighing about 7-8 pounds. These are the last weeks all you can really do is just wait for the wonderful moment to come