Dyson dc50 vacuum cleaner

Dyson dc50 vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC50 testimonial

Small, powerful, compact, light, acquires crawlers like nothing else


Hose accessory is long, making it difficult to do close -up job, costly

Residences are acquiring smaller, our time is much more valuable, dc50 animal yet we still need to do the vacuum cleaning. Something's incorrect we concur and it is something that Dyson wishes to take care of with 2 new vacuum cleansers; the DC50 and the DC47.


The DC50 is the company's smallest upright vacuum cleaner yet and is incredibly small (1064mm x 280mm x 354mm). The design adheres to the very same values as the bigger models the business makes, or has actually made in the past, yet below every little thing has been stripped back to a minimum.

Design benefits of upright vs cylinder apart, the layout includes the usual clever and ingenious little’s trickery.

The crucial one on the DC50 is the lack of a foot bar to kick it in to cleansing method. Pull the handle back to you and the front cleaner head captivates, ready to be fired in to action. It's something that takes a bit of getting consumed to (your leg might stupidly elevate to locate the bar from behavior), but it's one less little bit to obtain in the method or, more importantly, break.

The disadvantage to this new technique is that you can't wheel the Dyson around on its hind wheels. But the DC50 is so light now, that it's not truly a concern. Just pick it up.

Other layout elements worth noting are the easy to remove and cleanse bagless cyndrical tube and the ball layout for boosted maneuverability. We've seen it previously. We liked it after that, and we like it equally much now. Navigating your living-room has never ever been so fast. Well unless you've encouraged another person to do the cleansing for you.

That's a remarkable statement, provided the dimension of it - it would not keep an eye out of area in the dyson dc50 vacuum cleaner of a 6-year-old - nonetheless in our tests we were amazed, rather embarrassingly so.

Yet it's not pretty much more cyclones to draw everything grime in your house off your carpets or your floorboards. Dyson has actually additionally included a brand-new cleaner head that apparently sticks to the floor better, self-adjusting to adapt to the floor surface, having steady suction at the cleaner head, whatever the flooring type.

On carpets the rigid nylon bristles get rid of dirt. On hard floors the ultra-fine antistatic carbon fiber filaments eliminate dust.


Strangely sufficient you'll possibly come away from your first whizz around the residence thinking that it is too light, we definitely did. Yet then the minute you under way quick around, dragging it upstairs or in other places you'll cherish the absence of weight. For those counting, it considers 5.4 kilograms. The very first Dyson examined greater than 9Kg.

Going animal

The Animal edition adds a dyson dc50 animal vacuum-new detachable cleaner go to the box and one that is fit for cleaning hair off your carpet specifically. Below, rather than a conventional drum that rolls, you get two heads that spin in contrary instructions in a flat figure-of-eight style. It indicates that hair, carpeting, or everything for that issue, cannot acquire coiled the cleansing drum in the way you've probably experienced in the past.

It's creative, yet just presently suited for spot cleaning as opposed to doing the whole property, as it's simply an attachment for the hose pipe.