The Doolittle Raid

"The First Heroes" -Craig Nelson

The Doolittle Raid

Sunday, Jan. 18th 1942 at 8am

Tokyo, Japan


Lieutenant colonel Doolittle (aka. Jimmy), Author of "I could never be so Lucky Again", was the commander of the U.S. Army Air Force, at the time of this air raid on Japans capital, Tokyo. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, leading the Japanese at this time, graduated from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in 1904, and was very surprised and unprepared for this attack.The nations involved were America and Japan, this battle is significant because it was Americas first strike on the Japanese in this war.

America VS. Japan

This raid didnt last very long, because they had to fly back to a military base in Chekiang Japan, instead of going back to USS Hornet where they had taken off in the Pacific Ocean. None of the 16 American Planes landed on the Chinese air base. There is not a certain ending date to this raid since the raid was set on cities around Tokyo also. The 1st bomb was dropped on Tokyo around 12 in the afternoon, killing 50 Japanese citizens.

The Doolittle Course

Doolittle Raid Launch Footage (1942)