Weekly Warrior

Volume 9 Issue 2 February 27th, 2017

Important Dates

March 3rd-ACT Registration Deadline for April
March 6th-ACT Pre-registration in 11th English Classes
March 7th-ACT Pre-registration in 11th English Classes
March 8th-ACT Pre-registration in 11th English Classes
March 14th-MAP Testing for 10th Grade through English Classes
March 15th-MAP Testing for 10th Grade through English Classes
March 15th-Dept Meetings
March 16th-MAP Testing for 9th Grade through Math Classes
March 17th-MAP Testing for 9th Grade through Math Classes
March 17th-3 Week RTI Reports due to Department Chairs
March 21st-Statewide ACT given to All Juniors
March 25th-Military Ball
March 27th-Science Field Test-Given to All Juniors
March 30th-Book Genre Fair
April 19th-Statewide ACT Make-up Day

Kagan Day 5 training is scheduled for August 4th, 2017 with lunch on your own.

February 17th

Students only need to complete iLearn assignments for 2nd and 4th blocks. You will only see these students on Tuesday, as the trimester will change on Wednesday, so your best chance to collect these assignments is on Tuesday. Be flexible and work with other teachers to help collect so that our participation rate will be high enough to count as an instructional day.

Infinite Campus Directions:
  • Only post an assignment for 2nd and 4th block classes.
  • Do NOT enter an iLearn assignment for blocks 1/3/5. Here is how the district wants the assignment titled in Infinite Campus--The name of the lesson is iLearn1 with a date of 2/17/17, and the abbreviation needs to be iL1. Please do not capitalize the I, do not use any spaces between the letters in iLearn1 and enter a grade for the assignment for each student. This should be an accurate grade for the assignment. As long as the student has a grade entered (other than a 0), this will count as participation.

ILP Password Look Up

Any teacher can login to ILP and have access to any SWHS students ILP accounts, whether they be in their homeroom or any other class. Here's how to look up that information for students if they request:

Login to ILP using the school website--For Staff-->Instruction Resources-->ILP (Username-KentuckyILP, Password-Southwesternhs, Advisor Password-your individual password)
On the left, underneath Advisor Homepage, click Search for Students
Type in all or part of the student name and you will see their username, password, grade level, and completion status.

The completion status for the school is below:
Big image

Youth Mental Health First Aid

It is a requirement in our district that ALL staff must be trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. The training will be provided on the iLearn days this year, located at Northern Middle and Southern Middle in their libraries. The training runs from 8:00 - 3:30 and will hold up to 36 people. If you haven't attended this training, please email Lori Price with the specific location (NMS or SMS) and the specific iLearn day (Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3, etc.) and carbon Ms. Ellis when you send it.

This is NOT the same training that we will have on our Growth Day during the afternoon. On our February 20th Growth Day, teachers will be trained on Trauma Informed Care (part 2).

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.