Human Migration

Humans Have Been Migrating Since The Beginning Of Time

Humans have spanned the Earth by migrating over landmasses and land bridges. It is predicted that we have been migrating as early as 18,000 B.C. !
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Humans Migrate For A Reason

People move for all types of reasons such as conflict, economic problems, or just wanting a change in their life. Some examples of modern day migration would be people from Mexico who move to America for reasons like economic success or escaping the violent cartels.
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As of now Syria is having a major refugee problem. Syria's people are fleeing to Europe to escape the bloody civil war between rebels and the government. ISIS is also fighting in the civil war as their own party. The people of Syria are trying to get away but Europe is unable to withstand the mass amounts of immigrants. Many countries have welcomed the refugees while other have reinforced their borders.
Where Are the Millions of Syrian Refugees Going?
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Cultural Mosiacs

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America has many cultural mosaics. America for the most part started off as a country of immigrants. People from every country in the world had created mosaics in America. There are many sections in the U.S. where certain nationalities dominate others such as China Town.
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Not Very Welcome

Not all cultures are warmly welcomed into neighborhoods such as North End and China Town. Some districts in Europe have been taken over by Sharia law, forcing out it's previous inhabitants.
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What Is Sharia Law?

People Migrate For A Reason


People may move from one country to another because of economic issues. Countries like the U.S. have more jobs and has a higher GDP than countries like Kenya. People may want to move so they can live a better life or even send money back to family.
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Wars drive the citizens of the country away. The people do not want to get caught up in a conflict that may end up ending their lives. They migrate to protect themselves and family. Natural disasters also end up causing people to migrate from their countries to protect themselves.
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Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima
philippines typhoon 2013