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California Couple Burns Down House For Easy Cash

Victor and Olga Barriere's Sad Attempt to Gain Insurance Money

  • The couple had a rundown house in Long Beach, CA with code violations that noone would buy.
  • Desperate for money, they hired Thomas Trucios, their handyman, to burn down their house for an insurance payout.
  • He didn't know how to start a fire properly and used dangerous tactics to light the house on fire.
  • The result was third degree burns all over 95% of his body and his death later the same day at the USC Medical Center.
  • HIs family was affected majorly and caused them to lose emotional and financial support.
  • Though, the couple didn't receive murder charges, Victor was faced with 14 years and four months in state prison for insurance fraud, manslaughter and arson. His wife, Olga, received six years for fraud.
  • This just goes to show that there is a danger in starting a fire for all the wrong reasons.