Tim Cook

A Powerful Leader


Tim Cook is the current CEO of Apple because there was a job opening, after losing Steve Jobs. He is 53 years old, seems quite a diligent worker, and has an interesting past. He graduated from Auburn University and then proceeded to spend 12 years working with IBM. After IBM, Cook switched to Intelligent Electronics,becoming the COO, then to Compaq, where he became the Vice President for Corporate Materials. He was asked to join Apple by Steve Jobs in 1998. He was very eager, intuitive, and quick in his decision to join.
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Traits and Effects

Tim Cook has many inherent leadership qualities, such as his ability to make quick and intuitive decisions and his diligent work ethic. The fact that he is quite eager and quick to make decisions has helped him greatly when being hired for Apple. When Steve Jobs offered to take him into the company, Cook recognized it as a once in a lifetime chance, and took Jobs up on his offer. He is also a good, hard worker. This is shown by his dedication to IBM after working for them for 12 years. He has also risen the ranks of Intelligent Electronics, where he became the COO, and Compaq, becoming the Vice President for Coperate Materials.

The most important trait, however, is his intuition. When joining Apple, he told himself that he would be better off to stay at Compaq. This is not what ended up occurring. Cook joined Apple because his intuition "already knew that joining Apple was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the creative genius, and to be on the executive team that could resurrect a great American company." Had he not joined, Apple would not have gained resources, such as an investment into flash memory, which became heavily important aspects of future products, like the iPod nano and iPhone. Cook's intuition is the reason I wish to emulate him.

I share a few traits of this powerful leader, such as his ability to make quick and effective decisions. This has helped him, and may help me, to seize an oppertunity when it presents itself. Had Cook not taken Jobs's offer, he may not have ever become the CEO of Apple, and I may find myself in a similar situation in the future.

Personal Opinion

Many people possess leader-like qualities, but not all of them are efficient at using their qualites. Not all people need to demonstrate all of the elements of a leader, while still being an effective leader. Some powerful leaders possess traits that make them seem intimidating. Others utilize every oppertunity they come across to get the job done. All leaders have different tactics and methods that make them powerful. These different methods require different traits that make the leader powerful in their own manner.

This variation is the reason that I believe there is no set list of qualites that need to be developed by a person to be a leader. Every leader does share some basic qualites, such as the ability to be recognized in a positive way by superiors. However, the person to become a leader may go about coming to power in whatever way their personality suits.

Jacob Kelley