Aerospace Engineering

By: Mateusz Kutkowski

Job Summary


  • Aerospace engineering is the research and development of aircraft and spacecrafts
Daily activities
  • Daily tasks include conducting experiences, and building designs


  • You need at least a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering

Needed skills

  • Good communication, good problem solver, good math skills


  • Salary ranges from 58 to 150 thousand

Work place

  • Work environment varies from office, factory, laboratory, to testing grounds

Job outlook

  • Job outlook is 7% increase in 2015

Highschool activites

Related courses

  • Courses that have to do in science, math, and, engineering

Extra Curricular

  • space camp, math and science competitions,


Mrs. Miller

  • She is my algebra 2 teacher, were I currently have an A. Thus she can say how good I am at math.

Mr. Fumgali

  • I have Fumagali in Biology honors teacher. In his class we do a lot abstract thinking were we use evidence to make conclusions. Which is a skill that aerospace engineering requires.

Mrs. Stolarksy

  • Mrs. Stolarksy is my English teach for English honors. She can compliment my communication skills.



  • Arizona state university
  • I want to go to this college because it provides hands on work with aerospace engineers, by conducting research.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • I would be interested in going to this college because it's not located far from were I live.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • If i had the ability to go to any college I would want to go this one mainly because it's ranked number one for engineering.


  • Majors in math, science, and science are all majors that engineering haves to deal with, so studying in these majors is a great idea.

Training programs

  • The Washington aerospace training and research center provides many different programs with different things dealing with aerospace engineering.
  • NASA is currently having internships for student in high school to college in numerous fields.
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