Does child labor effect your life?

Child labor in the Cocoa Industry

How is your chocolate produced?

Children as young as 5 years old are working for several hours each day on cocoa fields. Not only are these very young children being forced to work beyond past their limit, they do not have any safety equipment such as face masks, shoes, clothes, and so much more. Also, these kids are not given proper supplies to use during their work days. Instead of receiving a proper education and going to school like most kids, they spend their days dangerously working in harmful environments. This is how your chocolate is produced.

You can make a difference

They need your help

Did you know that more than 75% of cocoa is child labor-produced? Did you know that all children in this industry are exposed to harmful chemicals and a denial for education? We all know that this is not fair at all. This will not end unless you help. Your help is needed to bring this to an end.


With your help, we can save these children from continuing to live dangerous and tragic lives.