Proud to be a Lion

Mrs. Daniels' Kindergarteners

Rainbow Day

What a colorful day in kindergarten! I am sooo proud of your kids completing the GATES test with flying colors..."Rainbow Day" was a wonderful way to celebrate! I am so thankful for all of your last minute generosity to help make our celebration a success. I must say that I have a new appreciation for kids and standardized testing. Your kids sat quiet and still for 50 minutes each morning while listening and following directions! That alone is worth a celebration. I love being a part of their growth this year!

Check out our rainbow science at the following site...

Coming Up in Kindergarten

Star of the Week: Andrew (Week of March 23)


Graham, March 22

Rylan, March 28

Upcoming Events:



28 -- Spring Family Dance (6:30-8:30)


1 -- Math and Science Night

2 -- CiCi’s Pizza Night (4:30-8:00)

2 – Spring Picture Day

3 -- Moms and Muffins (A-L) 7:15-7:45 AM

4 -- Moms and Muffins (M-Z) 7:15-7:45 AM

8 -- All Pro Dads (7am LMC)

8—Liberty Oaks’ McDonald’s Night 4-8:00 PM

18 – No School- Easter Break

Learning in Kindergarten...

Math-This week students practiced sorting and graphing Lucky Charms cereal. They also answered questions such as more than, less than, etc. as they interpreted their data. In addition, students were hard at work solving addition and subtraction problems while using counters to show their thinking.

Reader’s Workshop- Our GATES testing took place during our Reading block this week. Students did a great job of applying all of their practice over the last several weeks to the test. Keep reading over Spring Break!

Writer’s Workshop- This week students chose their own animal to research. Students looked up their animal on PebbleGo (this site can be accessed for free through the LO homepage under the Library Media Center tab...otherwise you will not gain access.) After taking notes on their animal of choice, students began creating their own Pixie slide presentation (much like PowerPoint, but students could electronically draw their animal as well as add text boxes). I am impressed at their ability to apply their learning to real world tasks. You have amazing kids!

Greg Tang Math

Interested in a new website to explore? Greg Tang offers many opportunities to challenge students' thinking. This is a great site for children of all ages. Specifically, check out the books tab at the top of the site. Then click on an age appropriate book. Students will be challenged through various word problems as you read together.

Bist Tip of the Week

Statements of Support

Statements that support the child let the child know we will help them change their misbehaviors. Statements of support may sound like:

“If you are willing to let us help you, you can change.”

“It’s our job to help you with your problems.”

“You don’t have to change all at once. I’m here to help you!”