The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Kaiya Bentil

Book Synopsis:

The Giver is a science fiction novel about a boy named Jonas who lives in a world which is perceived as a "perfect" world where everything is controlled, and you no choice but to follow the rules. This novel depicts what is the right or wrong to do in this particular society, and how following these orders make life better. The title is derived from the friend Jonas befriends when assigned an important assignment in the community. When assigned this assignment Jonas is the only one who discovers the logic of the past in the community.

Main Character Jonas:

Jonas - The eleven-year-old main character of The Giver. Sensitive and intelligent, with strange powers of perception that he doesn’t understand, Jonas is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory for his community when he turns twelve. Jonas is unusually thoughtful, expresses great concern for his friends and family, and thinks it would be nice to be closer to other people.

Other Characters:

Asher - Jonas’s best friend. Asher is a fun-loving, hasty boy who usually speaks too fast, a care-free soul, who is later on assigned Assistant Director of Recreation later on throughout the novel.

Fiona - Another of Jonas’s friends. She has red hair, which only Jonas can see, and works as a Caretaker in the House of the Old. Fiona helped Jonas escape from the community.

Gabriel - The newchild that Jonas’s family cares for at night. He is sweet and adorable, and very loving. Jonas shares with him memories. He and Jonas becoming inseparable.

Favorite Quote:

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared."

-Lois Lowry, The Giver

Teacher Like Questions:

1) What was the most interesting part of the novel?

2) What is the moral off the story?

3) If you could change anything in the novel; what would it be and why?

Overall Rating:

I rate this book a 7.5. Due to the way the novel ended it was very confusing and ended incomplete. In my opinion the author could have ended the novel a different to cause less confusion.