Fun in the Classroom

A free seminar learning methods to have fun online!

Perfect for new teachers working with online students!

This seminar is offered free of charge for graduates (or near graduates) of Jackson College in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Instructors will teach you ways to keep your online students engaged in the class with humor and fun.

The first Monday of every Month

This free seminar is offered once a month, starting at 7:00pm, and lasts approximately 90 minutes. The seminar is located at Jackson College, 602 Main Street, Phoenix, AZ, First floor, Room 316. This seminar is limited to 20 students, to sign up call 1-800-602-0001.

Some of our recent Students that attended our Free Seminar

Ice Breakers

To encourage interaction in a new online classroom, you may want to do Ice Breakers. This will help students feel more comfortable with each other and enliven discussions.

Here are a few examples:

1) Have each student name the last two books he or she has read.

2) Have each student write a short biography about themselves. The teacher should start this exercise with his or her biography.

3) If you were a comic book character, who would you be?

We will review these and many more Ice Breakers for your online class!

How to use Social Media in the Online Classroom

Learn how to use Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and other social media in your class. Because students today are well versed in social media and technology, using digital communication with your students can encourage learning. What concerns do schools have with Instructors using social media besides privacy issues? This will all be discussed in the seminar. Please bring any questions with you.
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Using Audio and Video's in the class

When the instructor uses audio and video in the online class, it meets the needs of both aural and visual students. This type of teaching offers differential learning. This type of learning also provides Asynchronous and Synchronous collaboration between the Instructor and the students. We will review the do's and don'ts of using videos and audios in the classroom along with Web 2.0 teaching tools.