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October 30, 2015

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Happy Halloween

I hope you all get a chance to at the very least get to see some cute outfits on some kiddos this weekend. It is always amazing to me just how much effort kids and adults put into their costumes.

As we progress through the end of this semester please keep the dates below in mind. We have a lot of items on the schedule that includes a battery of testing for our high school students. Please keep this in mind as you are creating your daily lesson plans.

Also, please remember that Mr. Adams and I will be out and about through the next 6 weeks completing our long observations. Keep an eye on your email and let us know if their are class periods in which we should avoid.

There is a great article below on how to avoid teacher burnout. A big part of life is not taking ourselves to seriously. Leave room for laughter not only in life but in your classroom.