buckit list

Leo Coronado

1: scuba diving

I would go scuba diving in florida with my family we are all clowns. The erosion that's happening there is fisical cause the water

2: to swim across an ocean

I would like to swim across ocean to Africa

The erosion is the water and waves eroding at the bottom of the ocean

3: would like to live until I'm 100 years old

I would like to live in Florida to live 100 years old

Theres a lot of erosion fisical and chemical every where

4: parachute off a cliff

I would go parachuting off a cliff in colorado the cause of fisical damage because the wind is hitting the side of the cliff.

5: I would like to go to russia

I would Like to go to Russia for fun I never Been there

Erosion happens almost every were in Russia fisical and chemical