RedImp Newsletter

Volume 1 Edition 5

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What a SWEET family!!!

This definitely was a great week here at MMS!! It is such a honor to go into classrooms and ball fields and see teachers and coaches who are in their zone doing what they LOVE to do! So many of our parents have complimented our school for the great job that we are doing with their child. Always remember that you are not in this by yourself if you ever feel like you need some support be willing to lean on your school FAMILY!!!
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Foushee (9/20), Goodwin (9/20), Wright (9/22)


  1. Shout-out to Mr. Green, Ms. McGrath, Ms. DeYarmon, and Ms. Johnson for helping us get 203 looking good this week! They moved furniture, repaired cabinets, swept, cleaned, organized, re-homed items, and gave the meeting area the makeover that it deserved!
  2. Shout-out to Ashley Wall for the amazing NearPod PD that she did on Wednesday. Thank you for taking the time to differentiate the materials and help our SS and Science Families dive into NearPod!!!

If you have a shout-out please email it to Ms. Robinson! Thanks!

Professional Development Plans

This year we are going to do our PDP plans and conferences a little differently. As you know you should have three goals listed on your PDP. We are going to have 2 school-wide/PLC wide goals this year.

Our leadership team has decided that our academic goals for the 2016-17 school years are as follows:

Math 7: 75%

Math 8: 70%

ELA 7: 75%

ELA 8: 70%

Science 8: 85%

Math 1: 100%

Overall 78%

We are asking that every teacher have a goal addressing Mooresville Middle School having an overall composite proficiency score of 78%.

Based on your content/grade level your second goal should reflect the goal set for your PLC/grade level.

Your third goal for your PDP is completely your own goal.

You can choose to have as many additional goals as you desire.

On Friday, September 23rd, the ADMIN family will come around and sign off on your PDP in True NorthLogic. On September 23rd, your PDP should be completely filled in. If you have any trouble with this please let an administrator know prior to September 23.

We know this may be a little different then how PDPs have been done in the past. As you all know we are working Together as a Family, so we want to streamline our focus. Thank you all for being flexible!!!

Positive Phone Calls Home by Administration.

If you have a student who deserves a positive phone call home from an administrator please add his/her name to this form. Please include the students first and last name, grade, teacher, and a quick explanation of why the student deserves a call home. This form will be open all year long so please add names as you see fit!!! Thanks!!!

Positive Phone Call Home


As you all know we have launched our ACHIEVE program here at MMS. If you have a minute in your day you should take the time to walk past our ACHIEVE classrooms. You surely will be in for a sweet treat. Mr. Fulton, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. Simpson, and Ms. Bell are doing some amazing things with our students. Whenever you see one of them please ask more about the program. Also thanks to our elective family, we appreciate how flexible you all have been as we are adjusting our program.

Misc Red Imp Information Please Read Carefully

  1. We would like to spread the SUNSHINE AT MMS. If you are interested in being a part of the MMS Sunshine (social) committee please let Ms. Hamilton know.
  2. Our 2016 - 2017 MMS SIT Members are: Robinson, Jones, James, Pratt-Dixon, Genson, Hudson, McAllister, Smith, Szymanski, Crews, T. Fulton, Dunagan, L Miller, Kmonicek, Gonzalez, F Davis, Davidson, Huggins, Kennedy. Thank you all for your willingness to serve. Please be sure to read Mr. Jones email for further information.
  3. Just a reminder that if you complete any rating scales, assessments, or inventories for a student's doctor to see, the school counselor needs a copy to keep on file. Two reasons: your input becomes part of their educational record in case something comes up in the future, and if a student/parent changes what you wrote on the form, the school will have a copy on file to dispute the change.
  4. DON'T PACK A LUNCH ON WEDNESDAY, please remember PTSO will be providing us with lunch on Wednesday. Enjoy :)
  5. Traditionally MMS hosts a canned food drive in November to benefit the Mooresville Christian Mission. If your club would like to sponsor the food drive, please let Mary Royal know and she'll send the info your way.
  6. What makes you feel appreciated? During opening meeting we shared that one of our goals was to continue working on the culture and staff morale of MMS. We would like to know what makes you feel appreciated. Please take the time to fill out this quick survey.
  7. We still have opening for after school detention. Please sign-up for a date you are available using this ASD LINK.
  8. Please plan to stay for a staff meeting on Wednesday, October 19th. We will meet right after dismissal.
  9. Educators Handbook has some new changes. If you need assistance you can contact Mr. Jones or view this webinar.
  10. This year all certified staff will participate in a book study. The book chosen: The Teacher: 50 Critical Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence written by Baruti Kafele. We are applying to ensure that you receive 1.0 CEU for this book study. More information to come.

A Note from David Martin...

Since the beginning of the school year, we have had numerous work orders for stopped up toilets. We have found most of the problems are due to paper towels, feminine products and other foreign objects, being flushed down toilets. Even though some of these products say on the labels that they are biodegradable, there is a longer duration of decomposition that takes place. Both the staff and student restrooms are being affected. As our buildings age, the plumbing systems become more fragile and objects like these are not conducive to the free-flowing of our sanitary systems. We strive to maintain a sanitary environment for our staff and students.

Please lets remind our students about proper restroom usage.

Looks like there was a group that enjoyed their sweet treat! We hope you did as well!

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Upcoming Dates

Sep 20- PTO Meeting

Sep 21/22- Picture Day

Sep 21- PTO Lunch for Staff

Sep 23- ADMIN sign PDPs

Sep 26- Chick-fil-a Night

Sep 28- Early Release (see schedule)

Sep 30-Club Day

Oct 19- Staff Meeting